The Virtual Tabernacle


I am building the Tabernacle in the Wilderness of Sinai, using a 3 dimensional modeling language called VRML. To view this model you must download the free Blaxxun 3D plugin for your browser. (about 5 Megs) When the Blaxxun plugin is installed you can open the "3D World". Once it is open you can walk through the Tabernacle and view it's features close up or climb the sand dunes and look down on it from afar.

To install the plugin, just click the download link below. As of 05/04 The Blaxxun Corp. has changed their download procedures to include a questionnaire and will email you with download instructions. The Plugin is still free for personal or non-profit use. When the download is complete, double click the file and you will be given instructions for installation. When the installation is complete, click on the view the Tabernacle link and your browser will display the 3D world.

To navigate in Blaxxun 3D world, you must first click on the 3D portion of the screen and then either use the arrow keys or click and drag the mouse pointer. Drag up for forward, down for backward, left for left and right for right. Right clicking or double clicking the 3d portion of the screen will give you options and preferences menus.

  Due to so many requests for a portable version of the model I have prepared a self extracting file that contains all you need to view the model off line, except the Blaxxun Plugin. Just click the link below to download the file. Once downloaded, double click the file and follow the instructions.

Please feel free to use this model as God directs you!

Click Here to download the self extracting file.

For anyone NOT able to view the model while offline,
Click Here
for information to correct the problem.

Skip Park, FCC Webmaster

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Blaxxun Plugin
Link Updated 10/16/2005

Click Here to download Version 4.4 for Windows 98

Click Here to download Version 5.1 for Windows ME or XP

The Plugin is FREE for personal or non-profit use.
Click Here to view the Tabernacle as a Single User.
Click Here to view the Tabernacle in a Multi User Chat Room.
Be Aware! This is an open chat room with no monitoring!
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