Spring Sunday School Classes 2015
Starts Sunday, March 1st.

A Panorama Study of "The Plan of the Ages"

Taught by Pastor Dayle Keefer

A Class for All Ages!!

The "Panorama" Bible Study follows the stream of the Bible Narrative, so as to aid the eye and the memory in grasping the whole. Presenting the important events, and gradual development of Bible history and keeping in view, throughout, the spiritual purpose of divine revelation.

Held in the Triple Room at the End of the Chrildren's Wing


Taught by Michell Hamilton and Faith Baker

For Ladies

As the Easter season approaches, let’s take a walk with Jesus to Calvary. We will look in-depth at the events that took place during the finial week of Jesus’ life – The triumphal entry, clearing the temple, the last supper, betrayal, arrest, trial, the cross, and resurrection. Join us as we walk with Jesus and His followers to a better understanding of who Jesus is, His love for us, and the power and passion of the Cross!

Held in Sunday School Room #6

A Study from the Book of Colossians

Teacher: Pastor Ric Keefer

The book of Colossians is a Prison Epistle. It was written to counter and respond to heretical teachings and encourage believers to serve with fervor and passion. Continuing from last quarter.

Held in the Room Just Off the Fellowship Hall

Fluvanna Community Church